Plasma Arc Welders
WC 100B Console System
  • Automatic/Manual Operation, Pilot Arc
    Usable with any of the Thermal Arc line of plasma welding torches, the WC 100B features reliable arc starting by means of a pilot arc. It offers advantages in low-current welding operations, and in repetitive, high-duty-cycle, automatic applications. The pilot arc can be used in either the interrupted or continuous mode. The latter provides greater arc stability along with instant arc starting at low currents or in high-duty-cycle, fast cycling welding. Among other WC 100B features are: LED amperage/voltage display; large, readable plasma and shield gas flowmeters; internal torch leads connections for increased safety; Hi/Lo pilot current switch to provide the best arc starting characteristics at various main arc current levels; plug-in enclosed relays; and auxiliary control receptacle for automatic or manual operation.
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