Ultima 150
  • Quick Change Torch! No tools required.
  • Cost Savings! The Ultima 150 is priced competitively with automated TIG systems. Plasma welding is measurably the lower cost process with savings gained through increased productivity, reduced scrap, reduced down time and fewer electrode changes.
  • Wide Current Range! 0.5-150 amp current range for quality performance over a wide variety of applications.
  • Very Smooth Arc! Ultra smooth DC arc for repetitive, high
    quality welds.
  • Repeatable Arc Starting! Pilot arc allows for repeatable arc starts, reducing defects and rework.
  • Multiple Voltage! 208-460 VAC in 1 or 3 phase power at 50
    or 60 Hz with 575 VAC optional module.
  • Simple to Set-Up! The Ultima 150 is a self contained unit,
    which requires attaching input power and gases, then
    mounting the torch.
  • Smart Logic! Prevents damage to the internal components if installed to improper voltage.
  • Current Limiter! Limits power source output to torch
    capability to avoid torch damage.
  • Preview Set Current! Allows you to display actual
    current/voltage and avoid costly test set-ups.
  • Easy to Use! Simple interface for automated or manual
Included Features Unit Only
Quick Disconnect Assembly
NOTE: Available as Package with Torch and Kit, Multiple Part Nos. 1-155X-XX
Process(es) Plasma Arc Welding (PAW)
Industrial Applications Aerospace/Aircraft
Office Equipment
Input Voltage 208-230/460 VAC, 1/3 Phase
575 VAC, 3 Phase (with Optional Module)
Input Frequency 50/60 Hz
Rated Output 100 Amp at 18V, 100%
150 Amp at 25V, 50%
Max. Open Circuit Voltage 60V DC
Amperage Range 0.5-15 Amps (Low)
5-150 Amps (High)
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